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Sizzle and Pop

Sizzle and Pop?

Yep. Sizzle and Pop is what we called our first “by the desk” activity for kids. It was born of necessity… it was two o’clock on a gray January day, and the sixth graders were either fidgety or sleepy- nobody seemed to be in the “zone” where learning happens best.

We had the kids get up and do fast feet next to their desks (just stepping in place as fast as possible- the Sizzle.) Every five seconds we’d call out “Pop!” and the kids would hop straight up and land resuming the fast feet. We did this for one minute. It was a blast! The kids had fun, and it was challenging enough that everybody was grateful to stop.

We were surprised (amazed) at how the kids were immediately able to focus and sustain that focus. It didn’t matter whether they were reading or doing multiplication worksheets… they were much less distractable. We did it again and again over the course of the year, and it always worked.

Since then, we’ve adapted other exercises to do next to a desk, or at home. We’ve produced several four-minute videos that can be followed in real time, or just used for instruction. We also have printed materials (cards and posters) that a class can use for guidance.

It’s great exercise, fun for everybody, and gets the class READY TO LEARN!