Getting Started Running | Ages 12+ (DAY FIFTEEN OF FORTY!)

Chuck Wilcoxen
Want to get started running this summer? Well, this FREE 40-day video series is designed to help you do just that. Safely!
Chuck Wilcoxen

Welcome to Day 15! Today's advice is that no matter where you are as a runner, you may not run like an Olympian, but you can ACT like an Olympian. That means sleep as if you were champion, eat as if you were a champion, conduct your day as if you were a champion. The closer you adhere to the day to day performance of an elite athlete, the closer YOUR experience will be to that of an elite athlete. You don't have to be a sub-four-minute miler to act like one.

Today's strength exercise is another core exercise, Killer Penguins. Remember, you're not doing just one of these, you're doing as many as you can to fill up a 15-minute warmup. We're going to get down on the ground again into a classic leg lift position. Extend your arms out, down your body, towards your toes, flex them, and start to bob them up and down. The classic set of this is 100 bobs with your arms. I think that's too much to start with. Aim for 50!

Today's workout will be familiar. It's another "B" run. 17 to 22 minutes of steady rate running. Again, if you find that you have to stop and walk, go ahead! I would encourage you to begin looking for different, safe, areas to run in. But try to add a little variety to your routes! Have fun!

See you on Day 16!