Getting Started Running | Ages 12+ (DAY NINE OF FORTY!)

Chuck Wilcoxen
Want to get started running this summer? Well, this FREE 40-day video series is designed to help you do just that. Safely!
Chuck Wilcoxen

Our advice on Day 9 has to do with shoes. There's no way around it, you should have a proper pair of running shoes. They don't have to be expensive running shoes, they just NEED to fit properly. Your feet will expand while running, and the last thing you want is for your toes to be jamming up against your shoe.

For today's warm-up, we're going to talk about cross-training. It's important because if you just do one thing, even if it's something as good as running, you're going to get a little out of balance. Especially if you're a younger runner. So today, if you can play basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, ride your bike, go for a swim, do it! Try to keep it up for around 20 minutes. The idea is to do other active things, as well as run.

Today is another day - although we're getting towards the end of it - of building aerobic capacity.

Enjoy the cross-training, and have a great 15 to 20-minute run! See you on Day 10!