Getting Started Running | Ages 12+ (DAY SEVENTEEN OF FORTY!)

Chuck Wilcoxen
Want to get started running this summer? Well, this FREE 40-day video series is designed to help you do just that. Safely!
Chuck Wilcoxen

Welcome to Day 17 of our Getting Started Running series! Today's advice is to embrace it when it gets hard. Hard is good. Pushing against something is resistance, and resistance is how you get stronger. So, don't shy away from hills, don't shy away when you're a little out of breath, stop if you HAVE to, but only if you have to. So we're going to work on recognizing when you can keep going, and when you really have to stop.

Today's strength and flexibility exercise is one we've done before, but we're going to revisit it a little bit. It's a single leg balance/support.

Get up on your left foot, and hold your balance for 30 seconds. Then do this on your right foot for thirty seconds. Now do the same thing on both feet, only while adding a running motion. You'll notice balancing gets a little harder. Do these for 30 seconds on each foot. Now - for the ultimate balance builder, repeat on both legs, with a running motion, and your eyes CLOSED. Fully expect to lose your balance, but try to get 30 seconds of this on each leg.

Today's workout plan is a little contingent on where you live. The ability to find a hill. I'd love for you to go out for a 17 to 22-minute steady rate run but in a hillier environment. You may be tempted to avoid the hills, to find the latest run possible, but today we're going to seek them out and have a HILLY run. It may be that you have to stop (I wouldn't if at all possible until you reach the top of the hill). Try to always make it to the top of the hill, and then if you need to recover, go ahead and recover. The downhill makes it very easy to!

Good luck! This is good work, and it's good fun. See you on Day 18!