Getting Started Running | Ages 12+ (DAY TEN OF FORTY!)

Chuck Wilcoxen
Want to get started running this summer? Well, this FREE 40-day video series is designed to help you do just that. Safely!
Chuck Wilcoxen

Welcome to Day 10! I'm sure you're asking "when do I do more?", or bumping up your volume. Great question, glad you asked. Our advice on Day 10 is that we only bump up volume by 10% every two weeks. So if you're running 20 minutes this week, next week you'll begin running for 22 minutes. It may feel too easy, too slow, too patient, but again, the only mistake we're going to make is overtraining.

Today's strength and flexibility exercise may seem a bit childish. But rest assured, even Olympic champions do this. It's skipping. So for the first round, skip normally for 30 - 40 meters. You can vary this for strength. Keeping your toes and knees up, do 15-20 meters of skipping for HIEGHT, and then do 15 to 20 meters of skipping for distance.

This is Day 10 of the 10 days of building aerobic capacity - you got here! Congratulations! Head out for 15 to 20 minutes of steady running. Hopefully you feel stronger than you did on Day 1 and are ready to move up! Next week we'll start with some workouts that involve some speed. See you on Day 11!