Getting Started Running | Ages 12+ (DAY TWENTY OF FORTY!)

Chuck Wilcoxen
Want to get started running this summer? Well, this FREE 40-day video series is designed to help you do just that. Safely!
Chuck Wilcoxen

Welcome to Day 20, we're halfway through our Getting Started Running series! We're going to begin where we ended yesterday. Our advice is to not bother comparing yourself to other people. Running is ALL about personal growth and personal bests. We ran the mile so you can compare your OWN running with your OWN running. So, don't compare yourself to anyone else, but be accurate with how you compare yourself to yourself.

Today's strength and stretching exercise is going to be a walking backward lunge. Give yourself room to do about 15 strides of these.

Start by taking a step back into a lunge, from that lunge, step your next foot back. Repeat these backward lunges for 15 reps, and make sure your knee never crosses over your toe! 90 degrees is a great angle for your leg.

Today's workout is a recovery day. Just as you needed a little bit of an easier day after your hilly run, you've earned an easier day today after your timed mile. Don't take the day off, but go out and have an easier 15 to 20-minute run. It should be at a conversational pace. At no point during the run should you not be able to talk. That's a good measure of how hard you're working.

So, 15 to 20 conversational minutes. We're halfway done!

See you on Day 21!