TLR Recess in a Box Games (HAVE FUN!)

Chuck Wilcoxen
We hope you all have been enjoying the start of summer! If you have been looking for new games to play with your recess in a box equipment, or if you didn't receive a box but have a frisbee or bouncy ball, then this is the video for you. Chuck from Team Long Run is back to show you some games to help you get outside and play! Change the rules however you'd like - have fun!
Chuck Wilcoxen

To start, draw out three circles in your driveway or playground keeping them about seven steps apart. Make sure they're in a straight line! You'll find out why as we go over the games. Now, go grab two cans (soup, soda, whatever other kind of cans there are) from recycling. We'll be using these as targets later on.

From here, we'll move onto the first disc game. Hit the can! You can guess what we're trying to do.

Put a can in each of the outer circles you drew, and take turns throwing back and forth trying to hit each others can. If you hit it you get a point! If it's too difficult, you can always move the cans closer to each other.

One of the rules we like to play with is throwing from where the disc lands. Make sure your throw isn't too short! It will make it easier for your partner to hit your can. Play to any many points as you'd like! I recommend 10.

OK, so the next game is the same idea, just now with a ball. Roll, throw, or bounce, it doesn't matter. Just try to hit the other persons can!

So the next game we're going to play is with discs. It's disc tag. You're going to need two people for this one. The first person (if you have a lot of room) is going to throw the disc as far as they can, and the second person will then throw their disc as close to the first person's as possible. You can adjust these rules as you go along, but the way we play is if you go to the second persons disc and they can pick it up and reach and touch the first persons disc with a step and a reach they win the point. If not, the other person wins the point.

Our next pinky ball game is 3, 2, 1. We're going to try and bounce the ball in all three circles. You can score this a couple of different ways. The first is only getting a point if you get it in all three circles. The second is getting a point for each circle you hit (if you're having trouble getting all three, this will be a faster game). Try and play to 10 either way!

This last pinky ball game requires a lot less space, but it does require a coin or bottle cap. (The bigger the coin the better). We're going to try and bounce the ball off of a wall or board so that it comes back and hits the coin/cap. Some people play that if you hit the coin you can keep it. The reward might not be as sweet with a cap. Just like in all the other games, take turns. Figure out how hard to throw the ball to get it to bounce back and hit the coin. It's not as easy as it looks!

If you want to make it a little easier, try moving the coin or cap closer to the wall/board. We had better luck this way.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can use your recess in a box gear, or gear you have at home! A lot of this will focus on hand/eye coordination, while remaining fun! Enjoy the competition.